Idun is the goddess of youth.

Ydun (1858) by H. W. Bissen - angle


Idun is portrayed as oblivious, often singing, or wandering off. She does not understand why the others are in a hurry, tending to show little interest in what is happening around her. When Ethel Parson is nearly killed, Idun saves her life, and, inadvertently, makes her into an Oracle, by giving her food of the gods.

Original mythology Edit

Idun was once kidnapped by Thiazi (Þjazi), a giant who wanted the apples of youth that it was her role to guard. Thiazi managed to kidnap her because Loki lured her out of Asgard for him. Loki then had to retrieve her by borrowing Freyja's feather cloak and flying her from Jötunheimr back to Asgard. The gods lit a massive fire that Loki flew over, leading Thiazi who was giving chase in the form of a massive eagle. The giant's wings caught fire and he died. Thiazi was Skadi's father, thus she harbours a strong dislike of Loki.