The ocean seems interminable to men, if they venture on the rolling bark and the waves of the sea terrify them and the courser of the deep heed not it's bridle. - Anglo-Saxon runic poem, 9th century.

Njord is the god of the sea, an improtant role in Scandanavia.

Statue of Poseidon, similar to the statue of Njord mentioned in Runelight.

Original mythologyEdit

Njord was the husband of Skadi, and one of the Vanir. He was chosen because of his feet, which were large and strong, and Skadi assumed they were Baldur's.

The marriage didn't last because they didn't like each other, Skadi held a lingering dissapointment, and Njord hated the mountains while Skadi hated the sea.

In Runemarks/RunelightEdit

Njord isn't one of the main characters, mostly he stays on the sidelines of the stories and sometimes provides comic relief.

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