170px-Odhin by Johannes Gehrts
Odin, otherwise known as One-Eye, is the General and the traditional leader of Asgard.

In RunemarksEdit

One-Eye is a father-figure for the protagonist, Maddy. He is a traveller who does not carry the regard of others, but he is a teacher to Maddy.

Presumed to be dead from Ragnarok, he actually survived and helped teach Maddy about the Runes. He carries the rune Raedo (The Journeyman) over the left side of his face, though it is reversed.

In Mythology Edit

He paid his eye to Mimir as the price for superior knowledge, which he gained. He brought Loki (a giant), Freyja, and Frey (Vanir) into Asgard. He is known as the All Father, and he is the father of many of the gods, including Thor and Baldur. Odin was a shamanistic god, a wanderer who travelled rather than staying in or ruling Asgard. He prized knowledge, reading runes to gain enlightenment.


"In any case, fire burns; that's its nature, and you can't expect to change that. You can use it to cook your meat, or to burn down your neighbour's house. And is the fire you use for cooking any diffferent to the use for burning? And does that mean you should eat your supper raw?"

Maddy shook her head, still puzzled. "So what you're saying is- I shouldn't play with fire," she said at last.

"Of course you should," said One-Eye gently. "But don't be surprised if the fire plays back."