This is a record of the Prophecies, sayings, and nursery rhymes from Runemarks.


  • I see an army poised for battle. I see a general standing alone. I see a traitor at the gate. I see a sacrifice. The dead will awake from the halls of Hel. And the Nameless shall rise and Nine Worlds be lost, unless the Seven Sleepers awake and the Thunderer be freed from Netherworld. - p.135 Runemarks
  • There was a Seer who foretold the End of All Things. . . Never trust an Oracle. - Lokabrenna, 9:1
  • My name is Untold . . . - Invocations, 9:7
  • I speek of a mighty Ash that stands. It's name is Yggdrasil. - Prophecy of the Seer
  • Not kings, but historians rule the world. - Proverbs, 19
  • And there shall come a Scarlet Horse . . . - Apocalypse, 9:8
  • In the beginning there was the Word. And the Word begat Man. And Man begat Dream. And Dream begat the gods. After which you may find things getting just a tiny bit more complicated . . . - Lokabrenna, 6:6:6
  • The dead know everything, but they don't give a damn. - Lokabrenna, 9:0
  • What is it that the slave dreams? The slave dreams of being the master. - Book of Mimir, 5:15
  • Everything that can be dreamed is true. - Fabrications, 12