Runelight is the second book in the Runemarks series. It released on November third 2011. In it, Joanne

Runelight Cover

Harris says, four years have gone by since the last book ended. The World's End has been over run, and lawlessness is everywhere. The release of the Gods from the Black Fortress of Netherworld caused a rift between worlds which continues to loose demons and strange creatures into the World Above. The Gods are split apart by old arguments, missing most of their powers, and missing their leader. But they are all that lies between the Rift and the World Above, and they are the only ones that can restore Order. An article on the book read, "With an old adversary bent on revenge; a renegade from their own ranks; a girl with the mark of destiny and a prophecy announcing the End of the Worlds in twelve days, Maddy and her companions are faced with their mightiest challenge yet – to rebuild Asgard, the Sky Citadel, in time to confront the enemy…"