Ice is cold and immesurably slippery; it glistens as clear as glass and most like to gems; it is a floor wrought by the frost, fair to look upon. - Anglo-Saxon runic poem, 9th century.

Skaði is the daughter of the infamous Thiazi, the giant who (in eagle form) captured Idun.

In the mythologyEdit

She is very much a child of the Ice People and only became a citizen of Asgard by way of an appeasement marriage to Njord. It was a short and unhappy marriage due to their opposing natures of sea and mountain, and it ended in a permanent seperation. Skadi feels nothing for Njord, though his lingering affections are clear to see. Though not in the book, the Yngling saga (a Norwegian 9th century history) mentions that after her marriage to Njord she had multiple sons with Odin. Alternatively, in Sweden she is considered to have a special connection to Ull, son of Sif and stepson of Thor (his name meaning something like "glory') as both are called 'snowshoe-god.'

Skadi is associated with winter, skiing, mountains and bowhunting. Her personality reflects this in her icy, war-like demeanor.

In Runemarks/RunelightEdit

Skadi has an obvious grudge against Loki. She was trapped for many years in ice under the Seven Sleepers. Maddy set her free. Skadi then went to get help from Nat Parson and tried to kill Odin. However, she accidentally killed Ethel Parson. She left at the end of Runemarks.

In Runelight, Skadi reunites Sigyn and Loki (much to Loki's dismay).

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