• Skadi's longing

    Skadi's longing for the mountains-1908, W. G. Collingwood.

    When Skadi came to Asgard for vengeance or compensation the Æsir agreed to give her a husband from their ranks. But she had to choose solely by his feet. This is why Harris mentions Njord's shapely feet.
  • Loki and Odin were traveling in Midgard one day when, arguably because of his chaotic blood, Loki threw a stone a fishing otter and killed it. The otter turned out to be a shape-shifting human and his family demanded compensation — enough gold to cover every hair on an otter's pelt. This is the "otter's ransom" mentioned in the book.
  • Thiazi (Skadi's Giant father), longing for the fruit of the Gods, made Loki give him access to Idun and her

    Idun being kidnapped by Thiazi-1902, Elmer Boyd Smith

    apples. He came in eagle guise and kidnapped Idun, taking her to Jotunheim, home of the Giants/Ice People. To save her Loki had to borrow Freyja's feather cloak, turn into a hawk, turn Idun into a hazelnut, and carry her back to Asgard. This is what Frey refers to when he suggest shape-shifting Idun for faster transport under Red Horse Hill.